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Men’s Fitness

We're bringing you five great tips to help men maintain a high level of fitness. source

The 90's were known for bodybuilders that rocked Zubaz pants, fanny packs and even sunglasses in the gym. Beyond that however, there were some ridiculous ... ...

Get washboard abs in no time and feel confident in your bathing suit. Celebrity personal trainer, Joel Harper, developed a five minute fitness series just ...

Timestamps: Before Challenge: 0:01 After Challenge: 3:55 5x Speed: 7:53 Final Time: 11:03 This is a summary of my 1st attempt at the 400 Challenge ... source

Watch the Full Series Now on Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: ...

6 week calisthenics workout that builds muscle Calisthenics workouts, or bodyweight training as some ...

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